The CORE@HTU celebrates the graduation of startups under ISSF support

The CORE@HTU celebrates the graduation of startups under ISSF support

The CORE@HTU, Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurial Excellence at Al Hussein Technical University, celebrated the graduation of its final cohort of startups under the Innovative Startup and SME Fund (ISSF), showcasing the achievements and successes attained by the CORE@HTU over the past years.

This celebration signifies the culmination of a three-year program that has nurtured a total of 62 startups of which 45 completed the program, providing them with essential resources and guidance to build their ventures, secure investments, and flourish in the competitive entrepreneurial landscape. With support from the ISSF, these startups have transformed innovative concepts into thriving businesses, making substantial contributions across various sectors.

Dr. Yazan, Director of the CORE@HTU, expressed his enthusiasm for the program’s accomplishments, stating, “Today marks a significant milestone in the CORE@HTU’s journey. Over the past three years, we’ve witnessed remarkable innovation and entrepreneurial spirit among our startup cohorts. The ISSF’s support has been pivotal in cultivating these talents and translating ideas into impactful ventures, resulting in around $14 million in secured funding and over 300 jobs created.”

The success of the CORE@HTU program underscores HTU’s dedication to fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Prof. Ismael, President of HTU, commented, “As we celebrate the achievements of the CORE@HTU program, we reaffirm our commitment to nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship at HTU and the wider community across Jordan. The success of our startups is a testament to the potential of Jordan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. We look forward to continuing our efforts in empowering future generations of innovators to drive positive change and economic growth in our country.”

Mohamed Al Muhtaseb, CEO of ISSF, highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts in driving innovation and economic growth. “This partnership has been one of our most outstanding accelerators, having supported 45 startups. Of these, six have received equity investments, either directly from the ISSF or through our funds, with one achieving an exit. Additionally, over 20 startups have secured financing through grants and investments,” stated Mr. Al Muhtaseb. ” This partnership exemplifies the synergy between academic institutions like HTU and the private sector investors to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

The celebration of the CORE@HTU and its achievements serves as a source of inspiration for future generations of innovators, showcasing the potential for impactful change through entrepreneurship.

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