UAE’s Family Development Foundation to empower women in entrepreneurship

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The Family Development Foundation (FDF) organised an array of workshops at the Jebel Hafeet Community Centre in Al Ain, as part of the ‘Women and Family Social Empowerment’ Club to support and empower women in entrepreneurship.

These workshops are targeted at underscoring the significance of women in society as well as empowering women to become successful entrepreneurs and achieve financial independence. By equipping women with the requisite knowledge and skills to establish their own businesses, these workshops seek to help them develop resilience and navigate challenges with confidence.

Khawla Al Dhaheri, Programs and Events Coordinator at FDF, said: “The Family Development Foundation offers a variety of workshops for women empowerment. These are part of the ‘Entrepreneurship Excellence’ service and includes ‘How to Choose Your Business’ workshop, ‘Develop Entrepreneurial Skills’, ‘How to Start Your Business’, ‘Strategies and Techniques for Business Management’, ‘Key to Success: Creativity in Marketing’, and ‘Business Values and Moving towards Development’.”

She added: “The key objective of the workshops are to provide women with the tools they require to become entrepreneurs and launch their own enterprises. Through such workshops, we seek to transform their innovative ideas into profitable ventures that have a larger beneficial influence on society by expanding and improving their knowledge and leadership abilities.”

The ‘Women and Family Social Empowerment’ Club aims to empower families by equipping them with various social skills, fostering positive thinking patterns, adapting to diverse living conditions, and enhancing their overall well-being. The club promotes community engagement and positivity to create an inspiring environment for families. In addition, the club also covers various aspects aimed at instilling the values of volunteering and promoting environmental sustainability to foster enduring family dynamics.

The Jebel Hafeet Community Centre is committed to providing families with a wide range of services, programs, events, and activities. The FDF remains dedicated to creating a social environment that promotes communication and fosters safe spaces for families as well as communities. It also seeks to promote awareness and knowledge acquisition and develop social skills among families through numerous strategic partnerships.

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