UAE’s VR Beauty Consulting launches Talent Gateway Platform for beauty industry

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VR Beauty Consulting, the UAE’s leading prestigious beauty consulting firm, has officially launched its Talent Gateway Platform as of February 2023.

Since the launch of the beauty consultancy in 2020, Belgian national and founder, Valerie Reynaert has been building a highly specialised business for the beauty industry in the GCC. From setting up new salons and expanding existing ones, writing training programs and manuals, to managing operations and recruitment, Valerie has been the driving force behind the launch, turn around and growth of entire beauty businesses across the GCC.

Valerie is proud to now further her legacy by introducing an industry specific Talent Gateway platform. This is a brand-new initiative that has never been done before in the region and enables trained and experienced beauty industry professionals from around the world to create a free profile on the platform to showcase their abilities and strengths.

Phase one of the Talent Gateway launch will focus on the vital stage of identifying and sourcing an impressive selection of professionals, from technical staff, including stylists, technicians and therapists to operational staff including managers, assistants, and receptionists from all around the world. They will then be put through the detailed vetting process which VRBC will be managing. Once this phase is complete, phase two will be focused on launching these profiles to the market so that salon owners can view and select profiles which they wish to pursue for interviews. All profiles are reviewed and vetted by Valerie and her trusted team before being published onto the gateway. Salon owners across the GCC will be able to browse a candidate pool that has been carefully selected.

The Talent Gateway platform not only reduces the hours of work required by salon owners to select their dream team which can often be a challenging and lengthy process, but also ensures that they can access the best talent from around the world. The innovative tech platform provides not only a service to salon owners, but it also supports and empowers salon professionals too. As candidates are sourced worldwide, it provides opportunities for skilled and talented individuals, who may have never otherwise have had the opportunity to move to the GCC, to take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities there are here.

Having walked a mile in the shoes of salon business owners, Valerie is well aware of the many challenges that must be overcome to run a successful salon and is now providing the tools to help solve one of the most significant problems faced by many salons today. An additional service provided by VR Beauty Consulting is an online shop, selling packages including interview questions, policies and procedures, protocol forms, various checklists and furthermore, assistance to once again, support and empower those who face challenges in the beauty industry daily.

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