Y-Combinator-backed climatetech, Pylon to host climate leaders at COP28


Y-Combinator-backed climatetech, Pylon, the impact-driven infrastructure management platform transforming electricity and water companies in emerging markets, announces its extensive involvement at COP28, hosting and speaking on panels fostering crucial discourse.

Building on the success of its hosted panels at COP27, Pylon’s COP28 involvement reaffirms its mission to drive sustainability in the utilities industry, showcased by the company’s commitments to the United Nations’ global initiatives Race to Net Zero and SME Climate Hub.

As an active member of the ‘Race to Net Zero’ campaign, Pylon actively promotes a healthy, resilient, and zero-carbon recovery. Its membership in the SME Climate Hub supports this engagement, as the Hub empowers small and medium-sized companies to take climate action, and build resilient businesses for the future, and advance the global climate agenda.

Pylon will demonstrate its commitment to sustainability during COP28 by hosting two impactful panels in the event’s Blue Zone, within the League of Arab States’ pavilion. Each panel will cover key topics within the broader climate conversation: a just emerging transition and a sustainable energy transition.

The first panel, ‘Public-Private Synergy: Pioneering a Just Energy Transition in Emerging Markets’, will be held on 5 December at 9 am GST. Panellists will discuss the unique challenges and boundless opportunities presented by the need to ensure a just energy transition in emerging markets. Pylon and regional leaders and global corporations will explore the role of startups, regional collaboration, and emerging market synergies and how these elements can achieve unparalleled impact.

The second panel, held at 2.30 pm GST on 6 December, will focus on ‘Leveraging Multilevel Action for Sustainable Urbanization in Emerging Markets’ and discuss sustainable urbanization in emerging markets. Pylon, alongside a diverse range of stakeholders, will discuss how accessible technology, strong financial support, and grassroots involvement can collectively foster resilient and sustainable urban communities.

Ahmed Ashour, co-founder and CEO of Pylon, said: “Given our mission and expertise in transforming energy management in emerging markets, we are hugely excited about the upcoming COP28 and the possibilities it provides to demonstrate the commitment of emerging markets and companies like Pylon to drive energy transformation. Emerging markets are disproportionately impacted by climate change – yet it is inspiring to see the innovative solutions and dedication to sustainability emerge from these markets.

“We look forward to hosting global energy leaders at COP28 and leading discussions on the new technologies driving the transition of our energy systems.”

Pylon uses smart grid infrastructure to enable energy and water distribution companies in emerging markets to capture up to $400 billion of lost/uncollected revenues per year. Pylon’s platform uses data and AI to improve revenue collection, reduce losses and achieve a more efficient environmental footprint. With smart electricity grids alone able to reduce utilities’ carbon emissions by 25%, Pylon’s goal is to achieve 1 Gigaton of total CO2 emissions reduction by 2035.

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