Zubair Small Enterprises Centre Gets Boost with INSME Global Membership


The Zubair Small Enterprises Centre is proud to announce that, following approval from the board of The International Network for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (INSME), it has been welcomed to the organization in Full Membership capacity.

INSME’s primary goal is to create a link between small and medium enterprises so as to encourage technology transfer, and the sharing of innovative ideas and best practices. In doing so, INSME acts as a global hub of knowledge to promote international cooperation and dialogue between SME’s.

Commenting on the benefits of INSME membership, Mr. C S Badrinath, Chief Executive Officer, The Zubair Corporation said, “It is our mission to support small enterprises in Oman to achieve sustainable success, not only in the Sultanate but also in regional and global markets. Being approved by the Board of INSME provides the Zubair Small Enterprises Centre with the opportunity to develop global visibility for its enterprises, and facilitate introductions and networking opportunities.”

“Equally important is the instant access the centre will have to a valuable resource base and network, including an innovation stakeholder database of nearly 20,000 organizations globally. Aligning with such an internationally respected association will enhance our abilities to facilitate cross border networking opportunities and share best practice examples of innovation and entrepreneurial success. I am very excited to announce this membership for the benefit of the aspiring entrepreneurs and small enterprises who have joined hands with the Zubair Small Enterprises Centre,” he added.

The Zubair Small Enterprises Centre will now have access to expertise and knowledge sharing on a global basis; Cross border matchmaking and networking support; promotion & international visibility of members activities; Analysis and diffusion of good practices policies, methodologies, programmes and projects; Tailormade innovation support and funding access advice.

The INSME Association currently includes 99 Members in 41 different countries in four continents including governmental bodies, international organisations, NGOs and the networks, as well as intermediaries acting in the field of innovation and technology transfer to SMEs. The association was founded in 2004 under the umbrella of the Italian Government and it has been supported by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) since its establishment.

Following the launch of Zubair Small Enterprises Centre and the inaugural workshop event in June, the centre is presently assessing the first batch of applications from aspiring entrepreneurs and small enterprises, and the five best business proposals will be selected to enter the program. A second workshop event will be announced in the latter half of the year and a further one hundred applicants will be encouraged to register and apply for the remaining five places. Additionally, the centre also plans to provide a wide range of mentoring and consultancy services, benefits and workshops for many additional small enterprises in Oman.

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