Guardian Wealth Management Offers Exclusive Financial Advice for Women

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Guardian Wealth Management, has formed a female-only team that offers financial advice specifically tailored for women. This team consists of four female advisors based in Guardian’s Dubai based office. These advisors provide specific financial advices to women based on the needs of women, considering potential factors including maternity leave and the need for long-term financial independence.

Gemma Frankland, Senior Financial Planner at Guardian Wealth Management said that the financial requirements for women are different from those of men, and in many cases women tend to shy away from it altogether for fear of complexity and uncertainty. And being women only team, the team can collaborate better with their women clients and can provide personalized financial advices based on their requirements.

Currently, one third of the clients at the Guardian Wealth Management are women, this is significantly higher than in other regions such as Hong Kong and UK. The financial planning necessity for women is in a greater need than ever, because women are more likely to take career breaks to start families which causes dip in their salaries. And hence it becomes even more necessary for women to save while they earn, since, all trends indicate that women tend to live longer than men, and hence there is usually a part of their life in which they must live independently.

Guardian Wealth Management also conducts monthly networking events like ‘Women Like Us’ for female business professionals. Such social events let women socialize, share ideas and build friendships in relaxed, elegant surroundings.

Gemma Frankland, Senior Financial Planner at Guardian Wealth Management said: “The Women Like Us networking events have been instrumental in building a support network for women in Dubai. It has helped new expats who have recently relocated settle in, as well as connecting professionals from different industries. We look forward to hosting more events and invite women from all backgrounds to attend.”

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