Startup Idea: A Smart Device That Alerts Homeowners of Water Leaks as Soon as They Happen


When a pipe springs a leak, it not only damages property and wastes resources, but can result in a huge bill for homeowners — especially if it goes weeks or months undetected. Wally is a smart device that connects to homeowners’ water system to let them know when a leak needs fixing.

Much like other smart home systems, Wally consists of up to 6 sensors that can placed around the home, all of which report back to a central hub connected to the property’s wifi network. The sensors can be located in at-risk areas such as under the sink, next to the washing machine or in the garage.

The devices sense the presence of moisture, as well as room temperature and humidity, to detect if a leak has occurred. Connected to users’ devices, the system sends real-time alerts that enable them to take immediate action. Wally uses patterns and trends to learn about the home to make notifications more useful for users — ensuring alerts aren’t sent when someone gets in the shower, for example.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Wally works:

[youtube id=”zTVYSWFO0OA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

The company’s WallyHome kit is available for $299 and includes the full 6 sensors, although customers can personalize their package. Are there other ways to use tech to detect damage in places where it’s not immediately visible?


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