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Fully Integrated Online Freight Service Launched

Leading global logistics provider, Agility today launched the first fully integrated online freight service, Shipa Freight that allows users to get rate quotes and book, pay and track ocean and air shipments around the world.

Configure your router securely

Guest written by Miguel Ángel Mendoza, Security Researcher at ESET Cybersecurity nowadays requires more (and better) protective measures than ever before. These measures range from adopting what are acknowledged as best practices, through helping end-users to stay well-informed about upcoming threats and how to avoid them, to implementing internet security technology and keeping it up to date. In ...

Fintech startup Zoto witnesses massive growth

Nigeria based startup, Zoto today announced that its transacting user base and order volume grew by 56% and 200% respectively in the last financial year and it is set to replicate an even higher growth curve in the financial year 2018 -19.

AI startup SenseTime raises $600m

China based AI startup, SenseTime today announced that it has successfully raised US$600 million in its Series C round of funding by an investment group lead by Alibaba Group other participants such as Temasek and Suning.

6 Steps in Taking Over an Existing Business

For many business owners, especially entrepreneurs, an exit strategy is often a medium-to-long term goal in place from inception of the business. However, the tendency to focus on day-to-day operations can mean critical elements of maximising exit value are overlooked. Nathan Banks, Managing Partner at Banks Legal, a UAE-based law firm operating in the region since 2009, explains some key consider...

Pawame got powered up by $2 million

Off-grid solar start-up, Pawame (pronounced “power me”) got charged up by $2 million as the company was able to raise funds from Gulf-based investors to expand its operations in Kenya and other African countries. The startup has been seeking to reach remote areas of the continent with solar energy after having already connected 20,000 people. Now with money in its coffers, the firm aims to electri...

Growing Need of Cybersecurity in the Startup Economy

Sunil Gupta, the president and chief operating officer for Paladion explains that management of cybersecurity is a complex issue that demands immediate attention from startups Over 3 billion people in the world use the Internet almost every day, sharing information such as financial details, account numbers, password, credit card information, and any personal data over the digital medium. This mea...

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