‘Deals Nearby You’ Provides Instant Discounts at Your Fingertips

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Mobile users can now pick up an attractive discount when they want it, wherever they want it. That is the bold claim from the team behind ‘Deals Nearby You’, a new mobile app company which is using GPS technology to drive attractive deals to customers within close proximity. The app is now available for iPhone and Android mobile users following today’s launch in Dubai.

“With no need for daily emails to clog up your inbox, ‘Deals Nearby You’ presents a refreshing way for customers to pick up the best offers when they want them,” said Torben Kjeldgaard Trans, Chief Executive Officer, Trans Data Systemer. Users simply need to download the free app and the GPS technology will instantly search out offers that are available in their region. With a minimum of five per cent discount, mobile users are guaranteed a better offer than if they just walked straight into the store.

“It is also a great opportunity for companies to talk to customer’s right on their doorstep. ‘Deals Nearby You’ offers global potential on a local scale,” he added. Companies can download the ‘Deals Nearby You Advertiser’ app and search out how many mobile users are in the vicinity before posting their promotion. As the offers go live in real time, hotels can quickly fill their empty rooms and restaurants can book out their spare tables. Advertisers can then review redemption reports and see how many people clicked through to their promotion.

“Companies will be able to see a great ROI on their advertising investment as they know they are only talking to people who can benefit from the offer straight away,” concluded Trans. Companies can take advantage of very low launch prices, which start at just $0.99 a day for up to a week, through to three months promotion for only $10.99.

Hundreds of companies have already signed up to the ‘Deals Nearby You Advertiser’ app with mobile users benefitting in more than 20 countries around the world. “Deals Nearby You is the quickest way to generate a return on our advertising spend,” said Lars Svensson, owner of three Japan Photo shops. “For a relatively small investment, we see almost instantaneous result with customers coming in and show us the offer on the app. We can also modify the offer throughout the day or week proving amazing flexibility.”

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