FinaMaze launches new Smartfolios products linked to MENA VC funds

FinaMaze launches new Smartfolios products linked to MENA VC funds

ADGM-based digital wealth management firm, FinaMaze, has announced the launch of its groundbreaking product which allows, starting from $ 10,000, to invest in Smartfolios linked to the leading MENA Venture Capital (VC) funds.

The latest smartfolio “FinaMaze Top VC Booster” is set to bring the world of VC investments to individual qualified investors. Investors can invest from as little as $ 10,000 in the Smartfolio managed by FinaMaze that allocates, at its own discretion, to MENA VC Funds.

This is the first time in the MENA region that a digital wealth manager offers clients access to this highly sought-after alternative asset class. It was, until today, primarily available to institutional and to accredited investors who can dedicate substantial sums of money into attractive and profitable private market investments.

“Following the launch of our Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain-linked Smartfolios a few months back, we pursue our ambition to bring to our forward-looking clients the most innovative solutions that suit their healthy diversification needs,” comments Mehdi Fichtali, Founder and CEO of FinaMaze. “VCs and Private Equity funds have always been a highly desired asset class that was confined to the institutional and to accredited investors committing considerable amounts.”

In educating about the product further, Mehdi also added that “these non-publicly traded private equity funds invest capital in companies or projects with a long-term view with often decent returns but are virtually unavailable to the five-digit investors”.

He concluded by saying “FinaMaze prides itself in creating VC portfolios accessible to its investors, starting from $10,000. The first of these portfolios will be dedicated to a top VC leader in the region, with a proven track record as an early investor in a number of MENA unicorns.”

FinaMaze is regulated by ADGM’s FSRA and holds a category 3A financial licence and is part of Abu Dhabi’s Fintech 100, world’s top Fintech startups.

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