iCream Opens Shop in the UAE


iCream, the one-stop frozen dessert cafe, opens its doors this month in Al Ghurair Centre, Dubai. iCream brings its customers the ability to create and witness the preparation of their own unique ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, or milkshake, which is freshly made with ingredients chosen by the customers.

A concept originating from the USA, this is the first iCream franchise to open in the Middle East. The cafe engages the competitive advantage of creating a one of a kind experience which solves every frozen dessert craving for every kind of customer. The dessert is made in front of the customer’s eyes, as they choose from a broad selection of flavours, milks and toppings to add on, thus allowing them to create their very own combination.

All of the chosen ingredients are blended together and converted into a frozen dessert through the use of the innovative rapid liquid nitrogen’s freezing process. With every imaginable combination, one can spoil themselves with full cream or choose a healthier option such as low fat or skimmed milk. Additionally, for those who have been deprived of frozen desserts can now enjoy a lactose-free dessert as the café also serves soya milk and dairy-free milk options.

This one-of-a-kind café with such a unique concept in the UAE arrived with much excitement and this hype is especially felt by the Managing Director of iCream, Bharat Lalwani, who commented, “The decision to bring iCream Café to Dubai was simple – knowing I was going to share the unique experience in a market where a concept like this would be an instant success. Our customers can get as experimental as they like, by choosing the basic flavour combinations to the various toppings choice we have. We invested into this project after ensuring this is hundred per cent safe and we are hoping to expand into more locations soon”.

The innovative process is where liquid nitrogen at 320 degrees fahrenheit below zero, creates much smaller crystals compared to traditional freezing, thus creating a creamier and smoother dessert. With its rapid freezing, the high-tech liquid nitrogen machine instantly freezes the customised treat into a unique and creamy dessert. Each of the bases and selected ingredients can be frozen for ice cream, yoghurt, sorbet as well as milkshakes.

Speaking of the innovative process Cora Shaw, co founder of iCream said, ” iCream has come up with a revolutionising concept for making frozen desserts and has been running successfully in the US. It has been an exciting endeavour getting this brand to the UAE and working with Mr. Bharat Lalwani and his team.. The unique concept combined with his passionate team make me confident that iCream will be well represented here. They will be serving up some wonderfully delicious desserts to the customers in Dubai.”

Promising a one of a kind experience, the atmosphere at iCream offers the perfect mix of desserts with scintillating flavour combinations along with theatrics. The speed and abundance of smoke excites as an exclusive creation is made before the eyes of the customers. iCream proves a novelty experience for all, creating a perfect venue for family trips and children’s birthday parties – the perfect one-stop destination for all those frozen dessert cravings now in Al Ghurair Centre, new extension, level 2.

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