Indian startup Task Tracker all set to boost UAE workplace productivity

Indian startup Task Tracker all set to boost UAE workplace productivity

My Startup World caught up with Rishab Chandra, Co-Founder and CTO of Task Tracker Suite, the Indian SaaS-based project and task management platform that launched its operations recently in the UAE.

Managing teamwork efficiently is an absolute necessity in the fast-paced world of business. Staying organised and on track is essential. The right tools can make all the difference in managing your workload efficiently.

One such tool that has made a name for itself in India for helping businesses achieve their productivity goals is Task Tracker. We talked to Rishab Chandra, Co-Founder and CTO of Task Tracker Suite, to explore how Task Tracker can help you manage tasks, streamline your workflow, and ultimately boost your business productivity.

After making its presence felt in the Indian market, the SaaS-based platform for project and task management Task Tracker has entered the UAE market. The SaaS startup has launched a premium version of the platform, Task Tracker Suite, in the UAE market in collaboration with iAccel Gulf Business Incubator.

iAccel Gulf Business Incubator works under the umbrella of Dubai SME. Dubai SME is part of the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai (DET).

A vernacular people management tool (web and mobile application), Task Tracker Suite is a simple and affordable people and sales management tool to optimise time better.

Offering a seamless task management experience, the Task Tracker approached the market with a simple, easy-to-use and affordable task management application. Millions of MSMEs (Medium, small, and micro enterprises) are running at low efficiency due to mismanaged work. Task Tracker is designed to help these companies increase operational efficiency. The platform has successfully increased operational efficiency by 60%, achieved a 70% on-time task completion rate, and reduced 45% admin task time.

Founded in 2021, Task Tracker caters to a wide range of industries, making it adaptable to the specific needs of its clients. “Every business has its unique workflow – what is suitable for a manufacturing company might not work for a media company,” says Rishab. Today, Task Tracker has over 7000 users across firms in several industries.

Task Tracker offers a multilingual interface to support e-literacy among businesses, thereby improving their topline. The platform has introduced incomparable features, bundled applications, and 24×7 tech support that sets it apart from others at a fraction of the price to ensure operational efficiency and adoption.

Serving the B2B and SaaS market, Task Tracker is in expansion mode today. After establishing its foothold in the UAE, the company will expand to other GCC countries. “The company wish to expand in Qatar and some other GCC countries by the end of the year. 2025 it will enter the Saudi Arabia market,” says Rishab.

“When it comes to the UAE market, the company’s strategy is to focus on brand building and customer acquisition. We have ambitious business plans for the UAE; we are currently striking strategic partnerships with various organisations. ”

Task Tracker Suite includes both Task Tracker and Sales Tracker. Through task delegation, automated reports delivered to your mobile, timesheets, performance scores, geo-location capturing with attendance, WhatsApp notifications and reminders, Task Tracker enables businesses to oversee their workplace operations efficiently.

The Suite enable users to integrate other solutions within their platform. With Task Tracker Suite, you can add tools like Zoom and Google Calendar to the interface. Sales Tracker is a sales management tool offering exclusive features, including client data management, lead capture, proposal distribution, and real-time field officer tracking.

The company is developing a task manager app leveraging AI/ML algorithms to help customers manage tasks more efficiently, making it adaptable to their specific needs.

In the vast landscape of business tools, Task Tracker has carved a niche for itself and is now in a position to improve the productivity of the UAE workplace.


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