talabat to integrate targeted advertising initiatives powered by Petal Ads

talabat to integrate targeted advertising initiatives powered by Petal Ads

Huawei announced its partnership with talabat, the region’s leading platform for everyday deliveries. Through this partnership, talabat will utilize Petal Ads, Huawei’s digital advertising platform, to propel its business expansion through cutting-edge targeting capabilities.

This partnership will span talabat’s regional markets. Renowned for its dedication to simplifying the daily lives of customers across the region, talabat will integrate targeted advertising initiatives powered by Petal Ads’ cutting-edge capabilities. Furthermore, the talabat app will be featured in Virtual Preload, a unique lifestyle folder on all Huawei devices. This first-of-its-kind initiative for talabat will ensure faster access to the app for Huawei users.

“Partnering with talabat, a leader in the food delivery and q-commerce industry, is a significant step for Petal Ads,” said William Hu, Managing Director of Huawei Consumer Business Group, Middle East and Africa Eco Development and Operation. “This collaboration offers an exciting opportunity to leverage our digital advertising expertise and contribute to the success of the talabat platform, creating new avenues for businesses to connect with their audiences.”

Stefano Vecchio, Vice President, Strategy & Innovation at talabat, said: “We’re excited to partner with Petal Ads to utilize Huawei’s media and third-party channels, as well as have the talabat app pre-installed onto millions of Huawei mobile devices across the region. This partnership will help us further simplify the everyday life of customers in the region by delivering food, groceries and more to their doorstep.”

This collaboration will empower talabat and Petal Ads to leverage the strengths of both platforms, providing a unique opportunity to connect more personalised and effectively with their respective target audiences. Users and businesses can also expect an enhanced experience from this exciting partnership.

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