UAE-based Rent Now, Pay Later startup, Keyper raises $34 million

UAE-based Rent Now, Pay Later startup, Keyper raises $34 million

Leading UAE Proptech startup Keyper announces a pre-series A capital raise of $4 million in equity and $30 million in Shariah-compliant Sukuk financing.

The equity round was led by top regional venture capital firms BECO Capital and Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP), with participation from existing investors; Vivium Holding, Jabbar Group, Signature Developers, and new investors; Annex Investments, Pin Investment, Al Qahtani Investment, among other strategic angels.

The Shariah-compliant Sukuk financing was managed by global asset manager Franklin Templeton Investments (ME) Ltd.

Keyper will invest fresh funds into digitizing the rental experience in the UAE and scaling its innovative Rent Now Pay Later (RNPL) solution. The Sukuk proceeds will enable landlords to receive annual rent upfront and offer Tenants the flexibility of paying rent in monthly instalments via credit/debit cards and other convenient digital payment methods.

Omar Abu Innab, Co-Founder and CEO of Keyper, expressed, “Keyper is transforming what it means to interact with real estate in the UAE. For landlords, we offer a convenient property ownership experience, thanks to our property management application and innovative financial services, such as giving landlords the ability to access their entire portfolio rental income at any point during the lease. For tenants, they can have a fully digital experience to pay their rent monthly and manage their tenancy, eradicating the need for upfront payments via outdated bank checks.”

Keyper achieved significant milestones in 2024, including onboarding more than 3,000 residential units worth US$ 2 billion, processing over US$10 million in annual rent payments and deploying over US$ 1 million in annual rent facilitation through its RNPL product. As part of its push to improve the property ownership & rental experiences, Keyper has already launched innovative features such as “similar transactions” that allow landlords to keep track of market sales and rental transactions relevant to their portfolio.

Dany Farha, Co-Founder and CEO of BECO Capital, “We are very excited to back a strong team, with diverse and deep domain expertise at the intersection of real estate and finance, innovating in the prop-tech sector on the global stage, and working very hard to find ways to offer a transformational value proposition to its customers in an efficient and profitable manner, which aligns perfectly with our thesis on both prop-tech and embedded finance that has many of the most desirable attributes that we seek.”

Mohieddine Kronfol, CIO of Global Sukuk and MENA Fixed Income at Franklin Templeton, “We are pleased to enter into an understanding to sole-lead Keyper’s innovative multi-tranche sukuk to fund its RNPL service, which simultaneously complements our global sukuk and private market strategies,” said Mohieddine Kronfol.  “Once concluded, the transaction will further highlight the exciting opportunities our private credit team sees across the region.”


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