X-cite Outs New E-commerce App on Facebook

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X-cite by Alghanim electronics web portal xcite.com has launched its first ever e-commerce application on Facebook. This is the first time in the Middle East any electronics retailer has offered such a unique service where customers can shop directly from their Facebook page.
X-cite fans can now view special offers directly from X-cite’s facebook page, interact, engage and shop for their favorite products.

X-cite has launched this breakthrough in social media to keep pace with the recent advent of E-commerce Facebook integration in the international market. X-cite’s e-commerce facebook integration involves copying different aspects of X-cite’s online portal www.xcite.com onto facebook to expose it to a more massive audience.

The new ‘Shop’ tab now available on the X-cite’s facebook page gives visitors an immediate shopping experience of selected inventory. What makes the Shop Now on Facebook application unique is the virtual-interactive experience allowing shoppers to view, share, and openly discuss their potential purchases.

After filling up a virtual shopping cart, users are offered various payment options including Visa, Knet, Mastercard, and even Pay-On-Delivery. This gives customers an opportunity to try out new and innovative ways to explore safe and secure online shopping. X-cite’s Facebook page is a fantastic resource for the latest and upcoming product knowledge and has been considered to be one of the most active electronic retail pages on the internet throughout the Middle East region. X-cite proved this by recently winning the Best facebook Interactive Award that was held by Pan Arab Web Awards Academy in Jordan.

Ali Maaz, Head of Product & Sales at xcite.com, commented, “We have an intelligent customer-base requiring intelligent platforms of access. Our new E-commerce platform on facebook allows us to give our customers a new online shopping experience with the capability of directly purchasing xcite.com products in a social environment.”

The high engagement of users comes from the continuous interactivity of X-cite on their facebook page through various postings on the wall, photos of new products, forum discussions, videos, events, competition, reviews etc Since launching ‘Shop Now’ on Facebook to an international audience late last month, users have already begun to take advantage of the show-cased merchandise by purchasing and sharing products. xcite.com is committed to continuous development and is planning for many application upgrades offering a larger selection of items.


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