Incubation Centre for Young Women Entrepreneurs Launched in Dubai

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Dubai Ladies Club, a member of Dubai Women Establishment, and Dubai SME, the agency of the Department of Economic Development mandated to develop the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector, announced that it has begun accepting tenant applications for ‘Studio 9’ at Dubai Ladies Club – the first Business Incubation Centre (BIC) for young women entrepreneurs in the UAE.

The business centre will provide an ideal working environment that aids in creating and developing small and medium business projects. Aspiring young UAE national women will find the Centre a nurturing place to start their own private business and secure all the support they need to effectively manage and grow their enterprises, at a reasonable cost.

On the occasion, Muna Bin Kalli, Executive Director of Dubai Ladies Club, said, “Dubai Ladies Club has a long tradition of supporting women entrepreneurs and professionals in the UAE. In line with the Club’s strategy to prepare to focus on Emirati women’s overall development through educational and career-oriented professional programmes; ‘Studio 9’ has been established as a more than a mere business centre.

It is intended to be educational launch program that will provide participants with a business network that offers support for every aspect of their business operation going forward. The tenants will have the opportunity to work with business experts and fellow entrepreneurs to clearly define a pathway for their company’s growth. They will learn the strategic skills needed to run a growing business and use their own business as their case study.”

Abdul Baset Al Janahi, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai SME, remarked, “The launch of a specialized business incubator to support young businesswomen is a positive step towards expanding the small and medium enterprises for women. The initiative confirms Dubai SME’s confidence in the young generation of women and their abilities to engage in the world of business.”

“We are always on the lookout to support the SMEs sector for males and females, and over the last ten years, Dubai SME has launched distinguished projects for a number of distinct females. They form at least 45% of small and medium-sized enterprises that fall under Dubai SME. These projects have expanded significantly in the UAE and the Gulf region, and we hope to see such examples of new additions in the new business incubator of Dubai Ladies Club,” added Al Janahi.

The mission of ‘Studio 9’ at Dubai Ladies Club is to be an enhanced business support service provision and capacity building. The nature of support services provided through participating SME’s will encompass the full scope from new business idea development, supporting entrepreneurs in developing business plans, and guiding the business for three years as they go through a customer acquisition phase and achieving break-even. In addition, Dubai Ladies Club will provide additional access and discounts to all its facilities.

Since its inception in 2003, Dubai Ladies Club has consistently worked towards improving the quality of life of Emirati and expatriate women living in the UAE through in-house events, facilities and pilot projects.

Committed to empowering Emirati women, Dubai Ladies Club has consistently organized exclusive programs and events in various fields of sports, art, social and cultural rights, as part of its commitment to develop the potential and capacity of women, enabling them to actively participate whilst encouraging continuous development.

The club has initiated and/or participated in a variety of Events such as Oriental Red Carpet Emerging Designer Contest & Fashion Show, Complete Woman Program, Art Exchange Program, L’Officiel Arab Woman of the Year Awards and many more.

The Club has also sponsored and collaborated with external organizations to organize educational seminars healthy and well-being topics as well as hosted various bazaars that promote young female entrepreneurs and home business owners.


  1. Dubai Ladies Club seems to be doing an amazing job at empowering Emirati women entrepreneurs. Hats off to them!

  2. This is good thing for businesswomen.

  3. Hello everyone.
    Does anybody knows of any health club around Al Quisais Dubai which offers swimming classes for ladies ?Any good gym that offers weight loss programmes around this place ?

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