Meera Kaul Foundation Invites 100 Women to Inspire Global Women Entrepreneurship

Women Entrepreneurs

According to Meera Kaul Foundation, through more than 50% of the global workforce are women, only 3% of the top management positions are held by women. With an objective to inspire women to step into industries such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Meera Kaul Foundation has invited upon women entrepreneurs and executives in STEM to inspire women across the globe.

The initiative offers STEM entrepreneurs an opportunity to share their inspirational stories, personal and professional, in the form of a two minute video. The contestants can record their video even from their cell phones, preferably in English, which summarizes their captivating experience and their journey so far. The winners will be selected on the basis of their promoting ambition, grit and resilience and not the success or failure of the venture or job. The videos will be aired at Women in STEM Awards 2015.

100 Women in STEM will recognize and reward women entrepreneurs and executives at the Women in STEM Conference and Awards Ceremony which will be held in Dubai on 15th January 2015. According to Meera Kaul, Chairperson, Meera Kaul Foundation, “If the entrepreneurial ecosystem is not mature, the country will not create innovation. Through this event, we are hoping to bring alive the stories and journeys of women across the globe who have created their niche in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics with their unique entrepreneurial strength.”

“The initiative seeks to find role models for other women who want to achieve their entrepreneurial goals, especially in the STEM industries. The videos will showcase their stories of success and failure and will serve to motivate thousands of other women who want to be entrepreneurial and do not know how to,” Kaul added.

This competition aims to break down stereotypes surrounding these traditionally male-dominated fields, enthusing women to be more entrepreneurial and empowering them with the necessary skill and business acumen needed to be entrepreneurs. The Women in STEM Awards 2015 will again recognize women executives who have risen through the ranks of their peers either as employees or as entrepreneurs in the region.

The event also recognizes the lack of opportunities and support systems for women entrepreneurs in the region, and aims to bring out the innovation and business acumen to showcase it to the entire region. This year, Women in STEM has also added Asia to its platform, along with Middle East and Africa, which was highly represented last year , thus making it a huge gathering of women from all these cultures. The all-day event showcases a flurry of activity from the Women in STEM Conference, Women Hackathon  and leading up to the award ceremony.

The videos can be recorded by using any mobile device and should be sent before 15th December 2014 to

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