SARD Anti-Cheat wins the Best Startup of the Region

SARD Anti-Cheat wins the Best Startup of the Region

The Cyber Stars competition, part of the GISEC Global, featured 70 startups competing for recognition in five categories. Following two rounds of pitch and Q&A sessions, the professional jury recognized SARD Anti-Cheat as the winner in the “Best Startup of the Region” category.

Anna Gasparyan, Business Development Manager at SARD Anti-Cheat, who represented the company at the pitch battle, remarked on the win: “The reach of GISEC Global spans from the Middle East to Africa and Europe. Being acknowledged as the best in this extensive region and receiving praise from globally influential jurors is a tremendous honour for us. It reaffirms that we are on the right path, and SARD Anti-Cheat is on the verge of achieving global success.”

GISEC serves as a vital platform for exchanging ideas and innovations among cybersecurity professionals and companies. This year’s participants included industry leaders like Cisco, Kaspersky, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and Cloudflare.

At the expo, the SARD team showcased SARD Anti-Cheat, a recent innovation designed to address a major challenge in the video game industry – cheating and hacking in online games. SARD Anti-Cheat helps gaming companies safeguard their revenue and ensure a fair competitive environment for players.

“Our main goal at GISEC was to showcase the capabilities of SARD Anti-Cheat in a region that is pivotal for the future of cybersecurity. It was inspiring to see our proposed solution and our vision for further development recognized as the best amid intense competition,” stated Tigran Gyurjyan, co-founder of SARD Anti-Cheat.

SARD Anti-Cheat employs a sophisticated mix of AI and kernel-level methods to offer an innovative solution in the field. SARD Anti-Cheat combines AI and kernel-level methods in an innovative approach to security. While currently focusing on video game security, the company’s long-term strategy includes expanding its solutions to cover broader areas.

“Our top priority is to stand out in the international market. To achieve this, we continually enhance our product to stay ahead of new challenges and threats. Being part of events like GISEC helps us keep up with industry trends, make important connections, and join the global cybersecurity community. Winning the “Best Startup in the Region” award at GISEC serves as further motivation for our entire team to keep innovating and expanding our influence in the cybersecurity field,” says Sevada Gyurjyan, co-founder of SARD Anti-Cheat.


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